Rodent control 

As its name implies, and always before diagnosis, this treatment develops a set of methods to control populations of rodents (rats and mice). The control can be passive and active depending on the case, while maintaining all possible safety standards for humans and pets, signaling all the bait holder in both physics at the site to be treated.



Previous diagnosis of each case, establishes one or more methods of treatment to gain control of insect populations or using two types of treatment, shock, and prevention, with biocides approved by the Spanish health and previously authorized by the European community. Treatment should be applied by a qualified technician to ensure their effectiveness and safety.


Hazard analysis and control critical points (APPCC)

It is a preventive plan that is established in each case and the extent to ensure safety of all those procedures for the handling, processing, and distribution of food. Advising the client with a set of specific techniques and their practical implementation, in compliance with current regulations. Proper compliance with this system avoids all potential biological, chemical or physical contamination of food in contact with the environment. The intention is to avoid any procedural error that may cause health problems in humans who consume it.


Legionella Control, Real Decreto 865/2003 and Norma UNE –EN 100030


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